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Minr Mafia 10: The Zero Circuit (signup thread)

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Custom title
Oct 26, 2013
Hello! If you want to sign up first then read the filler text, jump to the line of big, green text and do what it says. Then, read the whole post when you have time!


Just about a year ago, our* favorite blue I_F0rg0t (TheForgottenUser) brought over a fairly known social game to the forums in a nicely presented and compatible way. The game as we know it, "Minr Mafia" to all of our past and present players, has gone on for a wonderful nine rounds, each bringing something new to the table and enhancing the worlds that we may or may not have known. Each round in order presents somewhat of a chilling plot:

MM1 - I_F0rg0t hosts as the Zero Greens+ defend against the Whites and the Troll, with the Troll ultimately taking control of Zero with the other players dead.
MM2 - I_F0rg0t continues with Innocents vs Mafia as the members move to Minr's own FTB server, and after a shootout between a member of each side, a ceasefire is thrown with all survivors winning.
MM3 - yeroc424 moves the players to the (at-the-time) non-existent Factions server and has Teams Red, Blue, and Green fight the Griefers and the other teams. Blue is the strongest of the groups, and a former blue member goes on to end the server with his victory.
MM4 - Ajdj123321 hosts a traditional Innocents vs Mafia back on Zero, and though the server erupts into chaos and disorder, the surviving Innocents end up on top and save their Zero.
MM5 - Srentiln brings the members to tag along with him during his voyage into the Nether during the MM4 plot, and the Innocents end up losing to the Mafia after one Mafia player kills sren and corrupts Zero.
MM6 - Freakworld transports the players to an alternate Zero and pits Innocents against Mafia, with Independents able to side with their choice. The Independents split up and greatly help their teams, but an act of sabotage gives the Mafia and an Independent control of Zero.
MM7 - I_F0rg0t resets Zero during his third host session, and creates a corrupted storybook in which the Protagonists and the Antagonists battle it out. In the end, the Antagonists win, but one player realizes that he caused the mess in the first place.
MM8 - CreeperTNTman198, suffering from the storybook chapter, hacks the server and sends his Mafia minions against the Innocents. A few quick lynches kills off the Mafia, but not before the terrain claims the lives of some Innocents.
MM9 - Zatharel hosts and makes a cult of "True Innocents" to attack the otherwise peaceful "Mafia" and the "Traitors". Amidst the moral arguments of who was good and who was evil, the "True Innocents" come to win at the end.

Nine rounds with seven unique hosts is not shabby. Considering that each round had its own unique gimmicks, plot, and setups, I'd say that this is one of the best creations without even being part of any particular server! Great job to the other six hosts, and great job to all the players who have made it fun!

With this being said, round 10 will be a little more light-hearted than the last nine rounds. Instead of an elimination-style mafia game, it will be more of a race with some really unique power-ups. Sure, some people may say that this round won't technically be a "Mafia" game, but you* know what I'd say to those people (it's not something I could type here). Besides, it's still going to be two teams pitted against each other, it's going to be reminiscent of prior rounds in terms of locations and powers, and it sure as hell is going to be fun.

I've hinted this before, but there will be animals involved. And bagels. And some of our* favorite courses on Zero, including:
- Aquarium
- Tower Parkour
- Viemort
- (insert Adventure here)

Also, there will be an option for afk players to have your role play itself (in a sense) so that one or two nights of inactivity won't be your demise. However, if you sign up and don't play for the majority of the game, you and your team will be punished, so don't do anything that's gonna make people hate you! ^_^

* not applicable to all readers


How to sign up:
Post a sentence about your favorite Minr Mafia memory (if you have one), then the name of your favorite Adventure map from the following list:
-Project Sierra
Remember, these two items (the memory and the map name) should be in the same post. Don't spam!
More information and the game itself will be posted in a separate thread once I deem it fit to close this one.
You have until September 6th (this gives two weeks) to post. Anyone who wishes to participate but does not make it in time for the cutoff MUST message me via inbox before the first day of the game starts. This is your safety net, should you suck at posting within a two-week span.
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Old Green
Nov 2, 2013
Uh, coming up with a suicide strategy in round 7 only to be killed by piece because he wanted to be cautious.

Myth, even though it was buggy every time i tried to beat it till finally the buggyness got fixed


Honorary green
Nov 3, 2013
Favorite Memory was Round Three, where I used the griefers as my slave army, and then Sofa ruined everything by telling Crazan the plan before the update. Congo because it's pretty.



Mar 26, 2014
My only retaining memory is being blown up. Favorite map is Sra as everyone knows. BRING IT ON!


always in a Gouda mood
Oct 28, 2013
My best memory is winning MM3 by sheer dumb luck.

and of course, Project Sierra is the best adventure map.


Lord of the Creepers
Nov 2, 2013
My favorite memory is blowing flarsh's arms off and making him type with his nose :D

Congo is the best adventure map


Panther Guitar Player
Oct 26, 2013
My favorite memory was aligning with the mafia in MM6 as an independent and wrecking y'all. :p

Favorite adventure map is definitely Sra.


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
My favorite mafia memory is how, even after the team was technically disbanded with my death, blue stuck together in MM3 and managed to pull off the most awesome of victories.

Of the adventure maps listed, Sra is my favorite. Not because I made it, but because of the fact that it allows for players to revisit it (in the HC mimic currently) and take a path completely different from the one they took before. I just wish our checkpoint plugin was capable of awarding an additional point for exploring new paths.


Nov 5, 2013
Favorite memory was Forgot's Storybook. Give the man a cookie.
Favorite map out of those is Project Sierra.

Sren, why do you keep saying Sra is playable in mimic when it isn't?


some guy
Nov 4, 2013
Favorite memory was participating in The Storybook, because 1) it had by far the best storyline and 2) the clue concept made it more fun to decide who we thought the mafia was, and gave the players something to do other than accuse each other out of nowhere.

The best map is MYTH, you Sra-loving nubs (I love Sra too though :D)


Something clever
Dec 13, 2013
My favorite memory was in 7, where I guessed AJ was mafia for the complete wrong reasons, lol.

Project sierra is just.. just.. like you know?


The 28th Doctor.
Oct 27, 2013
Favorite Memory: MM3, getting to blow up 2 bases at once, killing 5+ people, classic.



Not a Peon
Nov 3, 2013
My favorite memory was being the Anti-Hero in round 7.

My favorite adventure map was Sra. Goooood times.


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
Sren, why do you keep saying Sra is playable in mimic when it isn't?
It should be....yeroc and I worked hard to move a copy over so it would be.
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