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Minr Mafia 17: The Infinity Maze

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Nov 3, 2013
Minr Mafia 17: The Infinity Maze


[ http://imgur.com/vxkStGB ]

Blie couldn’t quite remember what happened. i dont want to remember anymore

There he stood, alone in the darkness of a cold, cement room, dimly lit by the torches of the latest search party streaming in through the basement window.

He finally found him. He found The Godfather in his own home.

What Blie forgot was why he let him go.

He left his village the next day.


Blie hadn’t returned to the town since he found the Volumes of Infinity. The books depicted a maze which never ended, with a mysterious entrance at the end of the world. Whoever found this maze became the master of it, and could choose to trap anyone and anything within its eternal walls. please don't hurt my soul anymore i promise you can keep my body

Ï̴̑̚ ̧̥͔̳́̎ͮ̈́a̢̙͓̹̟͋̾̂̎m̭̖̮̹͇͖͎̏̉̈͐ͬ͟ ̙̫̘̘͐ͤͦ̒̆y̍̃̊͑͊҉̤͕̗̝o͙͉̹͠ͅů̡̪͍̫̅ nͧ͆͂̊͝ọ͓͕̻͆ͭ͗̿́wͧ.̡̟̞͋̃

Seven years of searching, and he had finally found it. In front of him lay the impassable border of the world, and a door that seemed to hover in space with no clear sign of a room to enter.

Blie began to feel a nauseating sensation overcome him. The world around him began to twist and bend as his vision faded away.

“No! Not… yet…”

Blie reached for the doorknob with his last breath of life, but to no avail. The world faded away.


Minr was in a state of chaos and confusion. Everyone with ties to the Mafia Incident, whether victims, suspects, or witnesses, had been periodically disappearing, and the Detective knew who to interrogate.

“He’s coming back.” the cult’s only survivor muttered, before the Detective could ask.

“Where? Where’s he taking us?”

“The one place where he can regain his power. The Infinity Maze.” now you're all trapped like me and its my fault

When the officers came in to check on the two, the room was empty.


As usual, this game will mostly take place between two different sides: The Peacemakers and The Influence.

Peacemakers have tracked down the mafia since The Godfather’s uprising, and view The Infinity Maze as the perfect chance to finally eradicate The Influence for good. These players are innocents, and can vote to kill one player every day phase. To win, they must kill all the mafia.

Members of The Influence are cult followers of The Godfather and will stop at nothing to kill the non-believers. These players are the mafia, and can privately kill one player every night phase. To win, they must kill all the innocents.


There will be two major differences in this game.

Gimmick #1:

Nearly all players will start without powers.

Instead, different players will start with different set amounts of “slots” for powers.

Every night phase, all players with or without an empty power slot will have a chance to receive an event in their Role PM. Certain events have certain requirements for how many empty slots you have left.

If the event succeeds, a certain amount of your power slots will be filled, and you will gain a permanent ability/role for the rest of the game. This can happen again to gain more powers, if you have more empty slots.

If you have more than one power, you may only use one of your powers in each day or night phase (depending on when the power can be used).

Gimmick #2:

Most day phases, there will be a community puzzle to solve.

During a day phase, clues will be hidden in the update to start you on a puzzle. These could be a chain of codes, hints, links, etc.

The Peacemakers' and Mafia’s jobs are to solve this puzzle. Succeeding will give them some sort of boost or upgrade in the game.

Most often, the end of the puzzle will ask you to message me a code. Please tell me this code inside your Role PM to activate the reward.

If there is no puzzle during a certain day phase, this will be stated at the end of the update.

  • http://forums.minr.org/threads/mafia-general-rules-and-tips.318/ All rules stated here must be followed.

  • You are allowed to communicate outside of the thread, but please add me to any and all forum PM’s, Quicktopics, or Skype groups you create! My Skype username is blierd4.

  • Day and night phases will usually be 24 hours long.
  • Once you die, do not post in the thread anymore. You may post a quick goodbye message, but nothing that discloses any information that you have.
  • You may not screenshot or copy/paste any messages in your role PM to others! They’ll mostly be personalized anyway. ;)

  • There is no location system in this game.

  • [Obligatory “Have f̪̦͚̬̘͛ͨ̐̇̒̆͋̕͜uͮͭ̍̈͏̥̩͇n͖̥̅̓ͬ̄̏̽͝ͅ!” Rule]
If you have any questions, please ask!

To sign-up, please reply with your forum name below!
Sign-ups will close one week from now--that's Saturday, March 12th, at 3PM EST!

List of Players


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Jan 19, 2015
A rocketship from the unborn cosmos drifts into existence. One man sets foot in the heart of the maze.
"One small step for rman, one giant step for rmankind"
The unknown being begins the journey of forever.


Ronald McDonald
Dec 13, 2015
CornFish is here, and CornFish ready to conquer all challenges that may lie in his path to victory.
(yes. this is me signing up.)


Omnipotent Bat Overlord
Jun 20, 2014
SleeknFoxy joins.

He is prepared for battle.

He is signing up.
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Maze Connoisseur
Apr 21, 2014
This spirit would like to know what time the phase changes. This spirit thinks that it will change at 3 PM EST, but this spirit would like to be sure.


Omnipotent Bat Overlord
Jun 20, 2014
I don't mean to be prudent, but @blie4 when do you expect the sign-ups to close and the actual round to start?
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