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Minr Mafia 6: Gaiden

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Oct 27, 2013
Everyone on the server was watching in fear as Distinct picked up the Potion of Harming.
"Ha! Don't worry guys. I don't even want to blow up this server!"
Unfortunately though, just as Distinct finished his sentence, he accidentally let the Potion fall.
A large wall of flames bursted from where the Potion hit the ground. It burned down each and every inch of the server, even making the water boil.

Looking at the ruins of Zero, a small group of players came to the conclusion that there would only be one way to save their server now. Swiftly, they went to the End through a portal that has not been destroyed. They knew this would be an one-way trip. Looking back for one last time, they took an portal to another dimension...


Location: X
Time: Later that day

Freakworld was walking on the bridges of X. He was glancing at all the buildings, having no specifical goal. One thing was odd though.
"I have never seen those direction signs before.", he thought to himself. Mindless as always, he followed the obvious directions to a pit of lava with a sign saying: "Throw your trash in here."
"What the..."
Before he could finish his sentence though, someone approached from behind.
"This was just the beginning.", were the last words he heard before being pushed into the lava.

Welcome to...

Minr Mafia 6: Gaiden

I am your host, Freakworld, and I present to you the sixth Mafia game on these forums. This game will be relatively traditional, which means that:
-There is a large variety of roles.
-Most roles will only exist once in the game.
-I will not reveal any roles before or during the game, I will only do so once the person with that role has died.
(Note: To give you a general idea of which roles could be coming up, please check this site: http://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Roles)
-This game is purely manually hosted.
-I have incorporated a basic location system (See below).

In most other aspects this game works like all previous Minr Mafias though. The game will alternate between Day and Night phases. In Day phases you can vote a player of who you think is scum by writing Vote: XYZ in bold. In night phases you pm me if and how you want to use your assigned power, that you will receive from me before the game starts.
There are 2 factions in this game, the Innocents and the Mafia. There may be some special roles though, that don't have any alignment at all.

1. All rules as listed in this (http://forums.minr.org/threads/mafia-general-rules-and-tips.318/) thread apply, with one small change (see 2.).
2. If you PM other players with game-related info in this game, make sure to also add me as a recipient to that conversation. That way I can keep track of what's been going on more easily.
3. You will be modkilled if you are inactive for 3 straight phases.
4. Once you have received your role from me, please confirm that you've got it in this thread. That way I can assure everyone is ready for when the game starts.
5. Sign Up in this thread.
6. Sign Ups will be open until Saturday, 15. March 2014. You may sign up as a replacement afterwards though.
7. Replacements will replace people who have been modkilled during the game and will take their role and current location.
8. You will also be modkilled for violating any of the rules in 1., especially for quoting a role PM.
9. If for any reason you need to be inactive for a longer period of time during the game, make sure to PM me so I can get a replacement ASAP.

Locations have already been introduced in Minr Mafia 5, although they work a little different this time around. Each day phase, you may PM me a location that you want to visit, by giving me a number (for example: "I want to visit Location #5."). There will be as many locations as there are players participating. Each location will be based off of a real life attraction of our beloved Zero. Locations have the following purposes (among others):
-Roles capable of killing people will travel to the location where the player they choose to kill is.
-Some locations have a special purpose (more on that when the time feels right).
-Locations may be destroyed, thus killing everyone who is currently there.
There are of course other, role specific uses for locations, so better watch out where you step!
To clarify things a little, everybody has to find out what the locations are by themselves. You may give away location names in the thread, although who knows what might happen...

That's it for the general rules of this game. If something is not clear, feel free to ask. Also, for the beginning of the game every phase will last 48 hours. I might go down to 24 hours later in the game to speed up process a little.

Now let the Sign-Ups begin...

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Nov 5, 2013
I'm in.
But seriously, don't tell me you're just going to use the original mafia card game roles.


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
I'm in, but don't expect me to do more than the bare minimum this round. Decided that it's time to start finishing off some of the many projects I started, lol


always in a Gouda mood
Oct 28, 2013
Unfortunately i was really inactive the last round because I found the website sren set up to be confusing and it kept giving me errors, so I gave up.
But I promise to stay active in this round if you sign me up
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