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Minr Mafia XIX - Signups

Discussion in 'Minr Mafia' started by CreepaShadowz, Jun 17, 2017.

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  1. CreepaShadowz

    CreepaShadowz Spawn Maintainer Greenie

    Please post below some indication of interest in participating of this round of Minr Mafia.
    Signups will end in a week (probably).

    If you do not know what Mafia is, you can find out here and there.

    Please note that this game will not include any shop or location-based mechanics.

    Player list:
    1. rickyboy320
    2. Pro Luma
    3. Gravebound
    4. AntonioT111
    5. swimmy1212
    6. Zatharel (limited access July 16 - 23)
    7. yeroc424
    8. rmanimal
    9. SleeknFoxy
    10. creeperTNTman198
    11. ElectroUnderwear
    12. _Z3_
    13. Edan456 the 2nd (limited access at some point)
    14. bstrey
    15. nahfackler (limited access July 16 - 23)
    16. srentiln (limited access the entire game)

    Sign ups are closed!
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2017
  2. rickyboy320

    rickyboy320 Penguin Master Op Board

    Some indication of interest.

  3. Pro Luma

    Pro Luma I Like Anime but Not All Anime Just Some Anime Mod

    Some indication of interest.
    Sounds like fun
  4. Gravebound

    Gravebound Eternal Bodyguard of Kitties™ Op

    Some indication of interest. Bring it.
  5. Some indication of interest
  6. swimmy1212

    swimmy1212 Swimming around Mod

    Some indication of interest, woo
  7. Zatharel

    Zatharel Tulip Enthusiast Op Board

    A little indication of interest.
  8. yeroc424

    yeroc424 FedEx-kun Op Board

  9. rmanimal

    rmanimal Elite parkourist / MOTW coordinator Op Board

    Some indication of interest
  10. SleeknFoxy

    SleeknFoxy Omnipotent Bat Overlord Greenie

    Some indication of interest
  11. creeperTNTman198

    creeperTNTman198 Lord of the Creepers Greenie

  12. A lot of indication of interest.

    *cracks knuckles*
  13. Oh dayum

    high indication of interest
  14. Edan456 the 2nd

    Edan456 the 2nd Bad at building stuff Greenie

    Gotta continue the trend so,
    Some indication of interest.
  15. I will participate.
    • Burger Burger x 1
  16. High intrest indication.

    I will be gone from July 16 - July 23 for Summer Camp.
    • On Fire On Fire x 1
  17. Zatharel

    Zatharel Tulip Enthusiast Op Board


    I'll probably have internet though, but I still might be slightly inactive in the game.
  18. Srentiln

    Srentiln minr op since Nov 2011 Op

    I'll give it a go, but don't be shocked if I am less active than other rounds.
  19. CreepaShadowz

    CreepaShadowz Spawn Maintainer Greenie

    Signups are closed. The game thread will be coming to you soon(TM).
    • Like Like x 2
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