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Purple Coin Event #2 Suggestions Thread


Jan 19, 2015

Promised to be less cruel than depicted
Welcome to the Purple Coin Event Suggestion thread! To make the event ideal to the players, this thread was made so that participants can suggest improvements/modifications to the current event, making it even better. Here's some starter things we'd like to know:

1. How difficult should the coins be? Easier/Harder or scaled in some way?
2. Where should the coins be hidden? All in FFA parkours again or some in the mazes/puzzles?
3. How long should the event last? 3 hours, 1 hour, etc?


Nov 5, 2013
Wasn't part of the original event but please have coins in mazes/puzzles as well. I'm still laughing at the fact that it took an additional few months to find the one in Agni just because it's an insane map to beat.


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
I didn't participate in the last one because it was all parkour maps and I am really bad at those (to the point where it is not enjoyable to me). My opinion, therefore, would be to have it beanch into all map types, and to scale inversely with the course difficulty. If the map is already hard to do, don't give the person a headache searching for the coin as well.

Pro Luma

I Like Anime but Not All Anime Just Some Anime
Feb 18, 2014
As someone who participated in the original (*cough* youtube video of the whole event at ProLuma on youtube *cough*) i would say make the coins more obvious but possibly the route to them is more difficult. I remember in winter fun it was really easy to get the coin whilst the ones in Minr cities were really difficult.


A Very Blobby Blob, That Happens To Be Called Bob.
Feb 1, 2014
All map types, varying difficulties and have a set time limit of say an hour or two? I'm not too sure.


Jan 19, 2015
The Purple Coin Event mainly works by hiding 100 or so coins in maps (with a few around minr as well) that players obtain by clicking them. Purple Coins looks like Purple heads, and they were limited to 1 per map. The players are split into 2 teams that compete to collect more coins than the other within the time limit.

Basic Rules:

1. You are only allowed to do actions that other ranks can do (e.g. /rocket is forbidden)
2. Teams are mostly random, although we'll try to be fairer with team choosing based off the 1st event's scores.
3. It is recommended to sign up, but it's a show to participate event.
4. Coins are all 1 pointers. No relevance to hiding difficulty takes effect on this.
5. Have your team with the most coins at the end to win. If a tie occurs, whichever team finds the next coin wins.

-Original Event: https://forums.minr.org/threads/purple-coin-event.2313/

Example of a Purple Coin: