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Tournament of Champions


Panther Guitar Player
Oct 26, 2013
Welcome to the 1st MINR Tournament of Champions! Compete with friends and foes to become a renowned map player!

How the Tournament will work:
1. Sign up for the tournament by filling out the google form at the bottom of this post.
2. The first round of games will be played round robin style.
3. Based on how you finish in the round robin, you will be seeded accordingly in a double elimination bracket, where you will be playing best 2 out of 3, unless otherwise specified.

"What are the games that you're speaking of?"
That's a great question! A game is a set of matches that two players compete in. The games will be best 2 out of 3 and the maps will be determined from a map pool. For each game, I'll give the two players a "map pool" which will consist of 5 maps. The two of you must decide which two maps you'd like to ban and not play at all. The remaining 3 maps will be played in the order that I sent them. For example, if I send "Treedom,Iron Door, Winter Fun, ANHUR, and Funky Town" and the two players decide they don't want to play ANHUR and Iron Door, then the map order will be Treedom, Winter Fun, Funky Town.

"Okay, but how do we report who won the game?"
Wow, that's another great question! The winning player needs to message me on the forums stating who won and over what player, along with the map that they played. For example, "Cory wins over yeroc on Treedom."

"Are we allowed to begin our next game with the next player that we are matched up against?"
If the player you are to compete with has also completed their first game, you are allowed to move on. The tournament is free flowing and will have a start date, but games don't need to be completed in a single day.

"What ranks are allowed to play in this tournament?"
All ranks are allowed to play! This is open to everyone and I can't wait to see you participate.

If you have any other further questions, feel free to post below. I'd also love to see something like, "Signed up!" in a post below to ensure that it was you that signed up.

1. Inform me of the map that you will be racing on before you begin. Please be sure that both players agree on the map. If one player decides that they don't want to play the map, then a new map will need to be chosen.
2. If the map is a pure maze, or any puzzle, the racers must complete the maps separately with a mediator to be sure there's no cheating.
3. If playing SRA, both players need to use the same path. The best way to do this is to get the doors to match up on both Mimic and the real one and then play it from there.
4. After the match up, report the results to me, using the example that I gave in "How do we report the results of the game?"


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CEO of Organized Chaos
Jun 8, 2015
And the winner is...
MINt- I mean,
Lol this is a great idea and i would love to join, Siging up now.


Jan 19, 2015
Just a suggestion, you might want it base "competitions" as half-random half-specific.
E.g. 2 people who love parkours are paired, then a random map is chosen.

This helps to avoid people winning by playing their favorite/fastest map every game.

"Signed Up!"


Has a degree in Amying
Feb 18, 2016
Perfect time to chime in with an event like this, since speedrunning seems to become more and more prevalent on minr!

inb4 i get matched with minty


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013

  • There are some maps where running them simultaneously would allow one player to "cheat" the other by letting them get ahead to activate a trigger that opens a path further back. I would say that, for these maps, the racers should be required complete them separately with a mediator present.
  • Any competitors that wish to use SRA have to use the SRA mimic map because not all paths are equal.


Panther Guitar Player
Oct 26, 2013
I will be adding more rules after school today. Thank you for the suggestions!


Omnipotent Bat Overlord
Jun 20, 2014
Signed up.

Is the map-picking process the same for the bracket rounds?

Also, are players allowed to play their own map? (Even though it's unlikely an opponent would want to face someone on their own map.)


Ronald McDonald
Dec 13, 2015
Signed up and excited :p

Also a question: With the thought of it being best 2 of 3, could we play more than 1 map? For example: We play Funky Town for the first round, and Treedom as the second. And if need be, play another map for the third round. Could make it a bit more exciting IMO.


Panther Guitar Player
Oct 26, 2013
All games will be best two out of three and you are allowed to play more than one map, as long as both players agree.

I'll have to decide on the bracket rounds if it'll be random or chosen by the players.

If both players agree on the map, then you can play your own map.


loves the culture
Oct 26, 2013
i guess ill come out of inactivity to play

suggestion, instead of letting the players pick from all maps give us a map pool so that the quality of games could possibly be higher - say you have 7 maps in the map pool, each player bans 3 maps and the last remaining map is played


Sleepy Forest Girl
Feb 7, 2016
Im signing up right now! Sounds like an awesome idea, but when is it?

Otherwise, great idea, love it!


Panther Guitar Player
Oct 26, 2013
I like the idea of the map pool. I'll update the post on how I'd like to do it. Also, it'll start as soon as I post the round robin bracket.