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Minr Mafia 20 - Throne of Lies Edition

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Old Green
Nov 2, 2013
Minr Mafia Title.png
Alright ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all ages! Now that the holiday season is coming to a close, the next round of your FAVORITE game will be beginning soon, and this time we'll be SPICING IT UP! If any of you have heard of the online game Throne of Lies, this game will be taking heavy influence from that game.

1.) All roles will be known before the game starts.
2.) Not all roles may be used.
3.) You can keep a will that will be shown after you die.
4.) There will be death notes written by the killers of the game.
5.) "Metaing" is allowed, so don't play safe ya wimps.
6.) 48 hour days and 24 hour nights as per usual. Possibly a 24 hour waiting period while I get everything I need from players. Depends on how crazy the night is
7.) There will be at least one Neutral Killing player and one other Neutral player.
8.) Cannot edit posts to add a vote, must be done in a separate post.
9.) The Mafia will be known as The Cult in this game
10.) You can talk in any PM's you want, but don't talk about the game on the server. Also, please include me in any PM's so I know what's going on.
11.) When you are dead, you are not out of the game. You can still play a pivotal role in the game. But you CANNOT type in the thread once dead.
12.) Sharing PM's from me is allowed. Feel free to screenshot or copy paste

Alright, now for roles. This google doc will have all the roles that will be in the game.

Will Mechanic
You can add anything to your will in your PM with me, and I will before I send your will out, confirm what you said in it with you, however I will not add anything after you have already been declared dead.

Sign ups will tentatively close January 24th. (Subject to change)
If you would like to play comment something along the lines of:
"I am here and ready to participate in your amazing game Distinct."

Also, periodically recheck this post for mechanics, I might add some more explanation of other mechanics once I finish writing all the roles out in the google doc

Current Participants:
- CreepaShadowz
- Edan456
- Zatharel
- Rickyboy320
- Yeroc424
- Gravebound
- Ninja_Cat_
- Swimmy1212
- Rmanimal
- ThePookaBear
- Pro_Luma
- Gwenevire
- Picklesthecheeta
- ElectroUnderwear
- TheHexer
- Drahmee
- Bureine
- Bstrey
- Ajs626
- LomourKong
- The_Fire_Ghoul
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Pro Luma

I Like Anime but Not All Anime Just Some Anime
Feb 18, 2014
I am ready and here to participate in your Distinctly amazing game


Apr 30, 2017
Is there actually a Mafia guide? I'd like to participate but I don't even know what the game is or what's involved.


Rarely in a pickle!
Oct 7, 2016
I am ready to bring justice to the fair innocents of the village.

Also I have never played this before and have no clue what throne of lies is.

Have previous ones had a neutral killing?


Custom title
Oct 26, 2013
I am[ in my house[, sitting at my[ black] desk]] and[ putting on these[ comfy] socks[ that I got for my birthday[ last year]]] to[ protect myself from these[[ frigid] winter] temperatures] in[[ some variation of] someone else's][[ elimination-style][ faction-based] role-playing][[ online] time-waster] Distinct[Madness].


Board Grandpa
Jul 26, 2016
Dearest Distathan, I would loveth to joineth this gloriouseth mafiaeth game. Eth.
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