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MINR Mafia Round 4

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Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
MINR Mafia Round IV


Chaos has reigned on the MINR servers. The damage left by the merciless Yeroc424 has caused incalculable damage to the FTB and Faction servers. However, someone forgot to tell a particular admin of the happenings of the other servers. So legendary builder PacksofPages continued to build while chaos reigned on all of the other servers. Accompanied by the mindless whities, Packs continued to build… and build… … … and build … … … … … … and build.

Only many months later did the MINR party return only to find that zero had transformed. The time and neglect of zero has caused the very plugins themselves to warp and become unstable. Spawns and cities were connected by giant mazes and parkours, and little free space was left in the centralized area.

Disoriented, the MINR crew decided they needed to stick together and create a new map of the server. Packs said he had an updated map, but lost it somewhere in X. In order to get copies of that map, the group decided to travel through the giant map. Little did they know that a glitch still persisted in their party.


Blue members spawn with items, and different classes interact with items differently. Below are descriptions of the two prominent game items. Item's must be used manually (PM me when you want to use them).

Golden Apples – Consuming one of these will make you immune to the effects of the glitch for 1 day. Cannot be used on others (unless you are the smuggler), but can be passed to someone else during the camp-fire.

Compass – Having this item will allow you to use the moderator’s powers for one night.

Corrupt Object 1 -- ???

Corrupt Object 2 -- A bow corrupted by bedrock formerly used in the factions wars on the factions server. This item is capable of silently killing anyone at ANY time. However, this item only has one use, and will disappear forever upon being used.


Roles are broken down into 2 sections: Power Roles and Passive Roles.

The Glitch (1 player only, 2 if 20+ people sign up) (AKA the mafia member) – This person is out for blood. Once a night they are able to touch someone, making them lagging and unstable. Anyone touched by the glitch will lose their ability to parkour and will be left behind. The glitch is also able to steal compasses when he infects them, and can use them to learn one person’s EXACT role. However, the glitch is unable to pick up golden apples or corrupt objects.
(Kills one player per night).

The Smuggler (1-2 Players) (AKA the nurse/doctor) – This player found their old home and raided what they could find. He found a stack of golden apples and put them in his inventory. However, then they mysteriously disappeared. The chest then turned into primed TNT and his house blew up. At night a golden apple would appear, but he couldn’t eat it. He also noticed the apple turned to dust by morning, but its powers remained for an entire day. He instead decided to secretly pass it along to someone else once every night.
(Can save one player besides themselves per night.)

The Moderator (1-2 Players) (AKA the detective) – This player’s permissions have been warped, and they have gained access to the permissions plugin. Once per night they are able to check a player and see if they are a Power Role or a Passive Role. They will NOT be able to identify exact roles.

Whities- Just along for the ride. They have no special powers. (AKA Civilians/Townsfolk)
Have a chance of picking up items that blue's drop upon being killed by a glitch

Blues -- Like whities in every aspect, but with a 75% chance of starting with items.


Each day the group will travel, trying to reach X. All of the power roles will make their moves during the night, and their actions will play out over the course of the day. Each day the group will gather around the netherrack-block-campfire and try to figure out who the glitch is. After everyone accuses whoever they please, the top 2-3 will stand trial, and the person with the most votes will be thrown by the group into the fire. (Please use *NOMINATE and *VOTE for nominating someone for the chopping block and voting for them to be thrown into the fire respectively.)

After a player has been thrown into the fire, they will then place their beds down and go to sleep, where the power roles will again make their moves.
(Because of my erratic schedule, my plan is that night-time and the fire are both 1 day alternating, but I’m not completely sure how that will play out with thanksgiving coming up)

I think it goes with out saying, but the glitch(s) want to be the last one(s) standing.
Everyone else wants to safely make it to X.

Signups will go until Friday of next week, and the game will start next Saturday
If you have any questions, feel free to message me or ask on this thread.

-TheForgottenUser (I_F0rgot)
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some guy
Nov 4, 2013
Signing up, but with one question: can the players actually reach X without lynching the glitch? I'm guessing not but I just want to make sure.


Minr Admin
Oct 28, 2013
The glitch will slowly pick them off as they travel.
If if they glitch did reach X, he'd probably mess up the map or something...
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