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Minr Mafia VIII: Biomes

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Lord of the Creepers
Nov 2, 2013
Creeper hated pain. The sword though the chest was bad enough, but the falling though time and space and then slamming to the ground 2 blocks from the water just sucked. Moving as quickly as he could, he ran for his house. He grabbed string and crudely used his sword to stitch up his wound. Realizing that the vanish command hadn't been fixed when the story began, he vanished himself. With that, he ran for the hills, and he was gone.

The rest of the individuals from the story book fell back into the world. That bizarre break from the work taken, it was time to get back to fixing the server. However, no one trusted any one else after the events of the story, and no one took the time to notice that someone was missing from the work… (or did they notice and not tell? Isn't that the question of the day…)

The server was mostly back up and running, although some projects were lost to the mists of time among packs' huge buildings. Creeper, slowly growing more insane from being away from everyone else, watched these events with a mixture of longing and hatred. His friends would sometimes wonder where he went, and he would watch with anger as they didn't take the time to look for him. He slowly forgot the good times he had on the server, and began to want to see it all crumble. He began to probe, leaving signs around and watching who destroyed them, and who didn't. He found some people who agreed with him, and convinced them to help him take over…

The day began like any other day. The mobs were burning and despawning, and everyone joined the server in happiness. However, Creeper was watching. He hacked the server, and de-op'd all ops. With everyone at green perms or lower, he executed his script. The server became a huge biome cube, with 5 biomes. With his plan executed, Creeper unleashed his minions back into the population and watched the server crumble…

I will be your host, creeperTNTman198. You will all spawn in a biome on a map that I have created. Each biome has different properties. In the plains biome, all movement in and out is visible to those in the biome. However, mobs will spawn, and you might get hurt. In the desert, you have a very small chance of getting pricked by a cactus.
In the forest, no movement can be seen, even by roles that can see movement. A kill attempt may also fail. Extreme hills (lower) grants action to the higher section. In the higher section, you see all movement in the surrounding blocks. Just remember, you might fall and hit your head. (there may even be a different dimension where lava exists, but thats just conjecture)


  • Most of you will be innocent. Some innocents will have powers, some will not.
  • A few of you may be my minions. Don't screw up, I'm not a forgiving crazy villain.
  • There will be no coming back to life. If you are dead, feel free to discover what roles and powers others have, but do NOT tell anyone who is still alive what is going on. There will be no peace for you if you break this rule.
  • All days are 24 hours. Ditto for nights.
  • All rules here apply
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN :D (this is a game, just have fun with it)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'll answer questions unless they threaten the integrity of either team.

Sign-ups will close SATURDAY, MAY 31 AT 2:00 PM


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
I will be at paintball with packs (hopefully) when the signups close, so I won't wait until the last minute to say I'm in.
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