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Minr Secret Santa - 5 Years Strong

Discussion in 'Games' started by DistinctMadness, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. DistinctMadness

    DistinctMadness Mafia Overseer 2.0 Greenie

    HO HO HO Everybody.
    Its November of 2018 so that means its time for the start of the annual
    Minr Secret Santa is almost exactly what it sounds like: a Secret Santa between the current players of Minr. However, the one thing that makes it special is that there is absolutely no obligation to give out any personal information, like your address. Traditionally, Minr Secret Santa has revolved around ONLINE gifts, such as a drawing or a build in minecraft, but that doesn't mean you can't do something different. Over the past 4 years there have been all sorts of gifts!
    That all being said, there is no reason why players cannot post their addresses to receive their gifts in person so, should you want to enter and wish to have the gift sent to your address direct message me (DistinctMadness) with your address anytime before December 1st and I will then send it to whomever your Secret Santa is, and hopefully they'll be kind enough to send you something.

    Previous Years: (For gift ideas or a general idea of how this will go down)
    Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4

    If you want to sign-up, just make a post saying something along the lines of ‘I’m here and want to participate!’. Sign-ups will close the 1st of December, and gifts will be due the 25th of December.

    Current Participants:

    I, your host, will not participating so that I may run the event, in case you were wondering
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  2. Hex

    Hex Board Boy Mod Board

  3. Metsune

    Metsune Resident Sleeper Greenie

  4. Gweneviere

    Gweneviere The Helper and Brainstormer Greenie

    I'm here and want to participate!
  5. rebplane

    rebplane Boring Turtle Op

  6. swimmy1212

    swimmy1212 Swimming around Mod

  7. Pieceofcheese87

    Pieceofcheese87 always in a guda mood Op

  8. Zatharel

    Zatharel The Lion Op Board

  9. Sad I missed last year, making sure not to do so again
  10. CreepaShadowz

    CreepaShadowz I have no idea what to put here Mod Board

    Done it every year so far, let's keep it going.
  11. Pro Luma

    Pro Luma I Like Anime but Not All Anime Just Some Anime Mod

  12. DistinctMadness

    DistinctMadness Mafia Overseer 2.0 Greenie

    I'll be sending out who you got for Secret Santa on Monday. Sorry for delays
  13. DistinctMadness

    DistinctMadness Mafia Overseer 2.0 Greenie

    Alright, the Secret Santas should be sent out, let me know if someone who signed up didn’t get one or if someone still wants to join. Might be able to squeeze someone in
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