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    We are minecraft's 3rd oldest server and the oldest dedicated challenge and parkour server in the world. Our map dates over 10 years and our server has had an uptime of 99%. We have over 400 challenges which will keep you occupied for months. All of our challenges have been created by our member base who have completed our Hardcore maps. You yourself could one day be creating a challenge for our server, if you ever achieve the green membership rank. 

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Event Egg Hunt 2.0! Bigger, Badder, Egger!
  • 9,724
  • 26
Hey everyone! TheHeggzer here. It's event time!

The eggs are on the prowl again! They've gone and scattered themselves all across Zero, and it's your job to go find them again!

So, how will this event work?
Well, for this version of the Egghunt, there will be 2 distinct parts!

Part 1: The Open World Egg Hunt!
Starting Monday, April 13th at 2pm EST, an lovely medieval and fantastical open world built by the magically talented chayos will open, chocked full of all the eggs you could possibly desire! You job will be to collect them all! There will be no reward for finding all of the eggs in the open world first, so explore and hunt at your own leisure! For finding 10% of the eggs, you will receive a nifty...
Event MINR Co-Op Map Building Competition
  • 351
  • 2
Welcome back to our yearly map competitions!
This is me, your lovely host, presenting you with:

MINR's 2019 Co-Op Map Building Competition!

This year's theme, as voted by you is co-op maps: maps that require at least two people to complete.

For the full definition, I will once again quote yeroc (or, now, the wiki):

Co-op maps are a sub-type. Co-op maps are designed specifically for two or more people. The challenge may require you to work with another person to beat it, or it may pit you up against the other person.
Just like the last few competitions, you can build anywhere you want.

Here are the rules. Please read these carefully, as the rules are not entirely the same as the last competition.
  1. Everyone Green+ is allowed to enter, however judges who enter will not be eligible for prizes.
  2. You can enter as many maps as you want. The more...
Event The Purple Comet Returns! - Purple Comet 4
  • 2,882
  • 31
The Purple Comet is back, and with it comes the brand-spanking new set of Purple Coins! Under the comet's corrupting influence, precious Purple Coins have been scattered across the land. Following the annual tradition, a crowd has gathered to compete to see who can collect the most! Speed is essential, especially given the recent scout reports of airships in the area.

This year, Team Prism challenges two-time champions Team Crimson in the race for the coins!

What is the Purple Comet Event?

The Purple Comet event is an annual high octane intense competition between two teams that takes place all over Zero. The teams search maps in attempts to find elusive Purple Coins hidden throughout them. It tests your skill and knowledge of maps, but is still accessible for people of all skill levels.

What are Purple...
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