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Minr Mafia 10 Chinatown

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Chicken eater
Nov 2, 2013
Sidestory: A while back ago Chinatown was demolished, destroyed by bandits, monsters, raiders,... No one ever bothered with Chinatown it just stood there. Broken. As the city of X was growing the big bosses wanted to increase their land. And they crossed Chinatown. After discussing a few things they decided to rebuild. Asking everyone in X and around to help. They had to clean up and rebuild everything. So without thinking they destroyed everything. And after the first day they could already start working on the outer walls. Little did they know that the abandonded town was the homeplace for a bunch of raiders. As they saw their home demolished they all decided to form one nation. The first night all the raiders got into the town and started killing innocent builders.

Practical info:- You can sign up by saying your forum name below.
-There are 2 factions: The Innocents and The Raiders
-Sign ups are open till the 5th of october
-More info will be given once the sign ups are closed.


some guy
Nov 4, 2013
nahfackler...I probably Can't compete becauz im blue....
I know that forgot recently addressed this, but I have something else to say. When you say "I probably can't compete because I'm a blue, it sounds like you think it's a server event, like ninja warrior or the TGR tournament. If this is the case, you're incorrect, it's purely a forum game. If you haven't already, you should read the Mafia General Rules and Tips thread at the top of the Games section (I can't post a link since I'm on my phone right now)


Aug 8, 2014
Ok....now that I have actually read the rules......I think I get a general Idea on what I am supposed to do.....
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