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Minr Mafia 12: Creature Feature

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Scrum Master
Oct 26, 2013
Day 11 Events:

The Zombie Pigman kept hopping in place, occasionally swinging its sword.

The Enderman and the Spider were hidden in the Cave, though in different branches. The Enderman was off in a large cavern with a bit of lavalight peeking through the holes in the floor. The Spider had found a mineshaft and spun some webs to keep any attackers out.

The Ender Dragon flew north to the Cave. It flew perfectly through the winding halls and tunnels. Heading west a bit, it flew quickly into the room with the Enderman!

The Dragon dove through the floor and into the lava, not to be seen resurfacing by the Enderman.

Off in the mineshafts, a terrible trembling began breaking the webs apart. The Ender Dragon broke through the floor while dripping with hot lava! Of course, the lava didn't affect the damage, but it spread like a virus on the wood. The flames enclosed the tangle of Spider and web, and soon enough, the web caught fire. The Spider was ensnared in its own trap, burning to death.

bstrey, the [Aggressive] Spider, was Caught like a Fly!

The Enderman began waving its arms around like crazy!

Night 11 Begins Now
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Scrum Master
Oct 26, 2013
Night 11 Events:

The Ender Dragon rushed out of the Cave and flew back into the sky.

At this point, it was pretty clear that the Enderman was controlling the Ender Dragon. The Enderman, who had not been touched for the duration of the game, had it out for someone. But it wasn't clear who or why yet; the Enderman was a Neutral after all.

The Squid kept swimming in the Ocean. Thank goodness that it was a vast Ocean. This is all it had been doing for days. Luckily, the Squid was fairly mindless and didn't care much. It was just glad to be alive.

The Slimes hopped along to the Village. With about three harmless cubes jumping around together, it wasn't much of a threat. It hadn't turned into jelly yet, like the Magma Cube had. In pieces, it was still alive.

The Zombie Pigman wandered out into the Plain. It was a miracle that it had survived the nights before; it was once a helpless Pig that stayed close to its companions. A lightning strike, which damaged or killed every other mob struck, actually enhanced its abilities. Even with its new Neutrality, it fought alongside its old friends.

The Dragon began descending.

There were 3 targets (4, if the Enderman was stupid enough to attack himself), all spread out in the different biomes. Only one knew what it was going to do.

yeroc flew just above the center of the map, with good enough render to notice all of the other players. He too was curious what exactly the Dragon's plans were. Paying more attention to the others, he didn't look out for himself.

The Ender Dragon rammed yeroc! Unlike other instances where yeroc was invincible, the Dragon was able to harm him! yeroc lost 3 hearts. Trying to type the commands to give himself his god powers back, the Dragon rushed again mid-command. 2 more hearts gone. So yeroc decided to book it.

yeroc sprinted as fast as he could to the south of the map - it was the first time he had to use his hunger gauge. Attempting to dodge the flying boss, he took three more hearts of damage before reaching shore. He jumped into the Ocean and began sinking, hoping that the Dragon would stay above the surface.

After sinking a few meters, he saw the shimmering outline of the Ender Dragon growing above him. There was no time to type a long command; something needed to be done fast. If yeroc died, who knows what could happen. yeroc typed, very frantically:

/butcher -all 50

The Dragon came through the water toward yeroc.

The enter button was pressed. Suddenly, the Dragon was gone.

yeroc gave himself god and creative again. He flew out of the water to make sure everything was alright.

The Enderman was acting as normally in the Cave.

The Slimes were bouncing and bounding in the Village.

The Zombie Pigman oinked obnoxiously in the open Plain.

There was no sign of the Squid.

Mr_Destructo69, the [Passive] Squid, got /oopsied by the Host!

There were no more Passives anymore.

Day 12 Begins Now
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Scrum Master
Oct 26, 2013
Day 12 Events:

The players roamed the now-safe lands. The Forest and Swamp had burned themselves out, the Stronghold was still gone but the portal was closed, and the Mushroom Island didn't seem to glitch out anymore.

Now that the players felt assured of their safety, they went and looked around the areas they hadn't been before.

Other than that, it was still boring.

Night 12 Begins

Night 12 Events:

The sky was dark. The server was boring. Nobody was really enjoying themselves.

Day 13 Begins

Day 13 Events:

Everyone loathed the server's uselessness. The three players were unable to speak, because let's face it, they're mobs in a game.

yeroc spoke to everyone:

Wanna head back to zero?

All the mobs nodded.

Pieceofcheese87, the [Neutral] Enderman, logged out.

Creeper2685, the [Aggressive] Slime, logged out.

SleeknFoxy, the [Neutral] Zombie Pigman logged out.

And that was that.


Scrum Master
Oct 26, 2013
Congratulations Piece, Creeper2, and Sleek! You are the winners! ^_^

The game is over. I'll do a wrap-up and unpin/close when I get more time. Expect this post to be edited.


Mafia Overseer 2.0
Nov 2, 2013
I still don't fully understand why the dragon was part of the game but can I just say one thing:
You're role was HELLA overpowered:

You one shot every mob in the plains that was passive, regardless of health.

Your ONLY counter was the ocelot AND he had to be in the square at the BEGINNING of the turn, meaning that the day jag exploded was locked in as SOON as all of us entered the plains.

He ONLY killed passives, neutrals and aggressives did not take damage, which not only is OP but doesn't even make sense because creepers damage all mobs in the game. IDK if you were on a team or not, but if you were, you basically told all of them who they could trust and who they couldn't trust.

Yea sure YOU didn't specifically win, but i'm pretty sure a big reason why your team won is because of that move... Talk about a game changing role...

In total you did 23 damage that turn.
That's a f*** ton of damage

Rant over.


Spawn Maintainer
Apr 21, 2014
@DistinctMadness I don't think it was supposed to be that overpowered. I doubt yeroc would have suspected that all the players would just gather into one place with a creeper. He did try to warn them, but failed.

It was also interesting that I lost my ability to attack at Night 2, so I ended up just scouting and self-sacrificing to stop those who can attack from being killed. So I am very surprised that I won.


Honorary green
Nov 3, 2013
That was a really fun game. Passives had most of the mobs figured out second or third move. Lots of tricks went on, and there was a ton of trickery this round. @DistinctMadness and I managed to trick @bstrey 's group into trusting us early on, which was fun. I'll also give props to @Mr_Destructo69 , who, for the second time playing, did an amazing job with one of the weakest roles; He lasted the entire round and got the Creepers to maim each other. This was definitely more RNG-based, but each mafia game is different, so you shouldn't expect them to all be pure strategy.

The only thing I'm not able to overlook is the Creeper explosion. Everything about it strikes me as terrible. I'm not mad my group lost, but the way it was handled left me pretty pissed. The design, as Dist already said, wasn't the greatest, but I can overlook it. Hosting's pretty difficult, and yeroc mentioned that he wanted to remedy the role some, but never got the chance. On the other hand, I'm not happy with how jag decided to play. Everything about it rubbed me the wrong way. You were given the MOST powerful role by a long-shot. It had the capability to end the entire game in one move, selectively insta-killing only the Passives in your biome. So not only will it not hurt your allies, but it also tells you who the neutrals are so you can scoop them up. You could have chosen any moment to explode, but you chose the time when over a third of the players were in the same place to do it (I realize you were going to camp, but you had the days before, and at least the day after to explode, since you were able to respond with your GG). It was definitely the smart move, but it also felt extremely un-sportsmanlike.

</rant> So yeah. Great game with a small hiccup imo.


Killer of Very Large Horses
Oct 27, 2013
There were two other factors that I had to consider, if I was struck by lightning, I would have killed all aggressives in the area, and I would not have been able to explode with the ocelot in the biome. Im not sure how my role could have been used in a sportsmen like way


Scrum Master
Oct 26, 2013
I know that one of the largest gripes was about the creeper role, but I'll explain my rationale when I have time. In short, I didn't expect the creeper to sacrifice his win condition so early in the game, but it isn't right to blame jagman himself either ( he told me he was going to camp, and a great scenario was present for his team, so I think he played smart for his team). I'll go into detail later and point the flaws I had that other hosts should look out for.


minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
gg, was fun. I have to agree that the creeper ONLY killing passives wasn't the best decision, but I'll throw that to yeroc being busy with his studies. I wasn't a fan of the ender dragon, I kind of felt it went against the main style of the round. Definitely would have gone with a different strategy if I had known about it.
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