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Minr Mafia 18- Rebirth

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Green #666
Nov 4, 2013
Most of my roles were either straight from Epicmafia or inspired by something from it. The Liberator was the notable exception to this.

Rman was arguably the most powerful innocent in the game. Having the Liberator be a regular cop/detective felt underwhelming to me, so he had the choice to either protect or investigate (alignment only) a player each night, and once per game the role could be voluntarily passed on to someone else, which never happened. The limitation of this was that he couldn't turn a mafia member, and once he chose to pass it on, and he would become a powerless innocent without knowing whether the transition worked or not. Had I not added those cons, he would have been pretty overpowered.

Zath was the Mayor, since I also wanted to include that character in the gameplay. Unlike in the storyline, he didn't actually know who the Liberator was and vice versa, since that would be an unnecessary benefit for town. Since he's in a position of power, I let him control the lynch (or lack thereof) once per game, so he was essentially a Governor without as many limitations. He saved this for the final lynch against Creepa.

Marsta was the Imitator, inspired by the Third Party Amnesiac, one of my favorite roles in mafia. At night, he could choose to take on the role of a dead player, but not the Liberator or a mafia member. Becoming either one of those could have screwed the other side over. It seemed that there was never really a good opportunity for this.

Luma was the Martyr, a role based on the Virgin. If Luma had ever died during the day, everyone's actions would have been roleblocked in the next phase, stopping the mafia kill but also the innocents' actions. People still would have been able to visit locations and gain the benefits from them. It would have been interesting if Luma was lynched in a MYLO situation, possibly saving the innocents.

Sren's role was fairly mild, since I thought the innocents were already powerful enough. If he had been just like the original Agent, he would have seen all mafia/third party roles and been able to contact them by role instead of by name, and I wanted to avoid the former. So instead I let him send messages to whoever he wanted, but he was in the dark about their roles.

Nah was the Stalker for two reasons: 1) to balance out the Liberator, and 2) because I thought it would be cool in a hidden-roles setup to have one person who could discover what people were and use the knowledge to their advantage. About the discussion of nah being in two places at once, he both killed and role-checked on the first two nights.

Creepa was the Thief simply because of the items system. I figured it would work better in a setup like this. I felt kind of bad telling sren that his new mystery item was already gone :p

Since I still wanted to include a third party despite the low number of players, I chose a pretty passive type and made sure to assign Sleek to an innocent to avoid a 3v5 match, though I purposely left that part out of the role PM so that sleek could try to figure out sren's alignment himself. Zath pretty much nailed my thought process when he explained his theory of the alignment distribution.

The mystery items were indeed the Fake Rolecard and the Defibrillator. The idea of having an item that let people personally come up with a fake role was a last-minute idea that instantly appealed to me, since it would leave room for some really creative strategy. I struggled for a while over its price, since it would arguably be more useful to a mafia member than an innocent. Creepa still had it when nah revived him, but I had him flip mafia at the end since the game was already over.

The Defibrillator was probably the most controversial item in the game because of how it could unbalance the game under certain circumstances. Let's just say I didn't really expect creepa to figure so much out after he died (rman and sren both told him their roles), but either way, I knew I had to make it really expensive so that players couldn't be stockpiling regular items AND be able to bring their teammates back to life. In fact, I may have gone too far as it is.

The mechanics of this round mainly came from me wanting to keep the thread active and not watch it go on silently like some of the more recent ones have. I originally wanted to make it must-lynch/must-act, but I decided it would be better to reward players for involving themselves, hence the store. I felt like there should be a bit more to distinguish the round, so I expanded it into a "night location" mechanic with the homes and the church added.

Overall notes:

Luck was not on the mafia's side this round. Creepa correctly predicted on Day 1 that rman might check him if he had the power to do so, and it only got worse for them when nah got caught on camera twice and failed to kill Luma. I had a feeling that creepa would get revived and mislead the town's lynches until he won without ever being suspected.... that would have been an interesting ending. Before then, I hadn't thought about how the mystery items could be combined in such a deadly way.

Sren was the first to afford Mystery Item #1 because he could use his power both day and night, which is why I reduced his gain rate for each usage. Fortunately for him, it was still enough of a head start to reach $70.

Since I had writer's block coming up with this round, some things were added or changed last-minute. This seemed to create some confusion about the specifics and technicalities of certain things, and I apologize for that. To everyone wanting to host in the future, it's a good idea to start planning early on.

Thank you all for playing. I can't say I wasn't disappointed at the low player turnout, but it was still fun hosting. It's cool to see everything happening from the outside.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't @corygolfanatic hosting the next round?

Pro Luma

I Like Anime but Not All Anime Just Some Anime
Feb 18, 2014
twas a very fun time
Ty electro for hosting cause it was great
the lower player turnout actually benifitted part of the gameplay i felt as it created a more active thread rather than private messages


Spawn Maintainer
Apr 21, 2014
Creepa stole the win away from me by killing sren.

I'll get my revenge.
Shush, that was my revenge.
Reply to below, @Srentiln if I had gotten another kill off, then I think I would have had a fair chance of winning (kill zath, nullify someone else and hope odin doesn't come back to vote :p)
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minr op since Nov 2011
Oct 28, 2013
I think if nah hadn't made the slip of talking about the potential for a fake role, they might have gotten another kill in


Cute Cat Nya
Feb 7, 2016
I was mostly just looking at the thread, being that person lurking in the dark :p I was although ready to protect myself if suspicion started to rise against me but meh. I probably should've taken Sren's role and just message everybody weird stuff but meh.


Green #666
Nov 4, 2013
I was mostly just looking at the thread, being that person lurking in the dark :p I was although ready to protect myself if suspicion started to rise against me but meh. I probably should've taken Sren's role and just message everybody weird stuff but meh.
It wouldn't have been possible anyway, sren died on the last night
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