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Event Egghunt 3 - Speggrunning!
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It is Easter! So where is the Open World Egghunt?
Well, in the interest of bringing you all the most polished product that we can, the Open World Egghunt will release next weekend, on April 11th. We apologize for the delay.

That being said, I have 2 announcements for content that you can engage with RIGHT NOW!

Firstly, /warp eggs3 has been created! Just like the previous year, greens can decorate eggs for usage in the open world! Go and decorate and egg, and eggs made in the next few days will find a place somewhere in the Open World Egghunt!

Secondly, to tide you over until the main attraction, you can access Speggrunning!
What is Speggrunning?

Well, at the Events Hub at spawn, you can access a brand new arena, chocked full of eggs hiding in every nook and cranny. Your job will be to find them all as fast as possible!
This arena has 171...

Event Mylar - A Piece of Server History

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Hey all! Recently, we uncovered something truly remarkable. It turns out that Minr was actually the successor to a different, very similar server! Earlier this month, while digging around an old hard drive, c_dric found a set of server files that belonged to an old server called Mylar. It is estimated that this server was created in August of 2010, and was active for about 3 months, until around the time that Minr came into being. According to c_dric's best recollections, this server, this server was set up in a very similar way to Minr, with the notable exception of there being no Hardcore system. After a lot of tedious and painstaking effort, we have ported a part of the original Mylar map into our own Zero map to allow you to explore a world that had, up until now, been lost to time. You’ll discover a selection of super old map-type builds, as well as an abundance of builds that date back to the beginnings of survival multiplayer itself...
Event Egghunt 3 - Tour d'Egg!
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Hey everyone! As the snow melts outside and the flowers start to bloom, it's become apparent that the eggs have shown up again this year, and they're back with a vengeance. Yes, the Eggpocalypse is at hand. Two champions shall rise above the rest to save us all from the eggs. They will be The Grand Eggmiral. But how do we find these two magical individuals? Well, it's quite simple! We host a tournament! THE TOUR D'EGG!!!

So, what is the Tour d'Egg?
Well, for those of you that weren't around last year, this tournament is a high-octane, no holds barred, head to head showdown to search for eggs against another team! Here's how it works!

You and another team will be dropped into an egg hunting arena. There may be eggs hidden in every nook, cranny and crevasse in the area. It's a race against the other team to find eggs! The winner is determined by the team that finds...

Event Minr Sightseeing - February 27th!

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Welcome back to another trip around the server!

Returning from last year, me, Hex and Thogin are hosting another round of Minr Sightseeing!
If you weren't here last time or just want a quick reminder, the goal of the event is to find the location of a set of images all taken inside of minr maps, and then reach them. Whoever finds all images first, or finds the most in the 3-hour period wins!

The event will take place on February 27th, start at 7pm UTC (8pm CET, 2pm EST) is open to everyone and will run for approximately 3 hours.
Teams of 2 are recommended, but you can play solo as well if you want. Drop-ins for the event will be accepted throughout, but it helps us out if you can sign up by replying to this thread with your teammate and team name (max 20 characters)

Rewards aren't fully decided yet but we can guarantee a hat for participating and a title + steam game up to $10 (or something else of equal value) for the winners.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us...

Update 11.0 - "Events" & Social Updates

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It's finally here - they're both here! After two years of development, here is an update packed with fun new stuff and major re-architecturing so we can do even cooler stuff in the future (hint: achievements).

If you experience any issues completing maps, please tell us immedatiely.

- Parties
- /challenge suspend
- /chat hide
- Completely new timers

Forgive me if I screw anything up, I'm very tired as of right now. Here's a summary:

Maps, Checkpoints, and Challenges
The map completion message has been overhauled.
Better map and challenge complete messages
- now shows the time's rank always
- shows whether it was a PB or Server Record
- If the player is white, it shows how many points they have to go 'til blue
- If blue and in HC, it shows how many maps left
- If you beat HC, it shows a nice new message
- If you get a cosmetic for beating a challenge, it now tells you that.

Event Map and Map Maker of the Year area is now open!
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Map and Map Maker of the Year

Chloe and I bring you Map and Map Maker of the Year, an event that celebrates the past year of maps with an area dedicated to the community's favorite map and creator in 2020! Several weeks ago, both a thread and poll were made for greens+ to vote on their picks for the map and creator of the year, in which Sulldas was named the Map Maker of the Year and Chaoskampf (by spolendina) was named the Map of the Year. Anyone can now join the area dedicated to both through the sign at spawn!

As an extra thank you to everyone who made a map in 2020, each of the maps created last year are listed below!

City Spawn Head Hunt - CreepaShadowz
The 256 Drop - Sulldas
Dimensional Rifts - chayos
Infiltration - Big_Big_So_Big
Dry Desert Trials - Shpeckly
Left Behind - Shpeckly
The Nether Caves - Big_Big_So_Big
Chaoskampf - spolendina
Imperceptible - ZombieKiler
Farm - Shpeckly
Playdoh Palace - AverageIPA and KimbosIPA
Deep Dive...
Event Civilization Minr
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Civilization Minr is a multi-week event where members of the green+ community work together to build a town.

Beside a bay on the continent of Theta, a sleepy town fell under a terrible curse. It poisoned the land, causing crops to wilt and livestock to sicken. In desperation, many villagers fled. Only those who left survived.

Generations later you, the descendants of those who were driven out, return to reclaim your homeland. You plan to rebuild the town and fight back the curse that plagues your people. Will you succeed?

Only time will tell.

How does it work?

Each week Objectives will be revealed which must be completed by the end of the week for the town to survive. Objectives...
Event Minr's Geoguessr Tournament
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02/08/2021: Gamemode poll merged with the sign up poll
02/08/2021: Added a poll to vote for the gamemode
02/08/2021: Creation of this thread
Hello everyone, Thogin here.
Today, in this new thread, I present to you: *drum roll* a brand new event about Geoguessr!
It will work as followed:

Placement rounds:
We are going to use the Battle Royale system, 5 to 9 players at a time.
* Vote for the gamemode down bellow *
These players will be randomly chosen between all the contestants.
Every round will give you points. For...
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